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How to use this Wiki as a User

General Information

The page under editing is locked by the system. This means others cannot modify the page which you are editing. Thus, for the pages which may be modified by more than one person, using a local text editor for preparing the contents and then posting those contents to the Wiki is recommended.

Available Plugins

Useful Topics

How to input mathematical expression


<math>…(La)TeX mathematical formula..</math>


<math>\frac {-b\pm \sqrt{{{b}^{2}}-4ac}}{2a}</math>

Will be rendered as

<math>\frac {-b\pm \sqrtb_2-4ac}}{2a}</math>

Note: the build-in editor (DW Edit) is recommended for the page or section which contains mathematical expressions, since ckgedit may mess up the expressions. The Formatting Syntax for the build-in editor is here.

How to use this Wiki as an Administrator


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